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PIACT praises insurance commissioner's warning to companies about canceling coverage over home foundations

HARTFORD, CONN.-The Professional Insurance Agents of Connecticut Inc. is applauding Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Katharine L. Wades recent notice to insurance companies, directing them not to cancel or nonrenew homeowners insurance coverage as a result of foundation issues in homes if such action is not strictly in accordance with guidelines filed by the company and approved by the department.

"The Department hereby directs that no insurer take any action to cancel or non-renew an affected homeowners insurance coverage as a result of a foundation found to be crumbling or otherwise deteriorating," the CID notice stated. "The Department expects that any nonrenewal action taken by insurers be strictly in accordance with its underwriting guidelines and rules that are filed with and recorded by the Department."

The CID said recent news reports and state officials had brought attention to the practice and that some homeowners are concerned that their insurance carriers might nonrenew their homeowners policies due to deteriorating foundations. The department also cited at least one homeowner complaint of such action.

"PIACT applauds Commissioner Wade for issuing the notice, which serves both to protect the states homeowners and assuage any anxiety they may have about their coverage," said PIACT President Teri Walsh. "If homeowners are concerned about their property and covering it properly, they should work with their professional independent insurance agent, who can advise them on their policies."

The CID also advised consumers that if they had concerns about their carriers actions, they should contact the Department's Consumer Affairs Unit. Carriers with questions about the notice can contact George Bradner, CID Director of Property and Casualty Division.

PIACT is a trade association representing professional, independent insurance agencies, brokerages and their employees throughout the state.