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CE courses are approved for NYCE credit through 11/30/19 Provider no. NYPO-100002


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CIC Agency Management Institute ^FF, ^UM

The Agency Management institute has recently undergone a curriculum and "philosophy" revision, emphasizing added relevance to all agency owners and managers, producers, CSRs, and company personnel. With a new subject that blends marketing and financial issues, and more agency management "tools," this institute was modified to better fit the daily work and experiences in insurance agencies. Whether you are a manager or have a manager, you'll benefit from the practical information this program delivers.

If you've taken the institute before... take it again for a new Agency Management experience that will help you become more productive, increase sales, and reduce E&O.

A highly successful producer wanted to create a different kind of agency—an agency that would help others as well as encouraging the people employed by the agency to thrive as well. Of course, the agency would benefit financially.

After a few months, the new owner discovered that success requires planning and preparing people to meet the expectations of both internal and external customers. Consistent achievement over time requires excellent product knowledge and efficient business skills.

The agency owner realized that he needed to help his staff expect more so they can become more. He understood that most people don't think this way, and that he needed help. He needed the CIC Agency Management Institute.

Whether you are a producer, agency owner or other insurance professional, this CIC Institute will give you and the others working with you what is needed to excel.

The CIC Agency Management Institute is about the overall structure and operation of an insurance agency, including human resource issues such as federal regulations dealing with discrimination, job descriptions, performance reviews, and termination interviews. Other topics include ethical behavior, financial management, and preventing and handling errors and omissions. Helping to raise standards across the entire agency and providing direction for this institute is a talented faculty of presenters, who are veteran managers with years of insurance management experience.


  • Agency Organizations
  • Undetstanding & Managing Financial Strength
  • Agency Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Agency Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Legal & Ethical Responsibilities

The CIC AM institute focuses directly on improving and developing effective and profitable business management skills. Helping to raise standards across the entire agency and providing direction for this institute is a talented faculty who are veteran managers with years of experience.

As we all know, our industry is constantly changing with new or revised coverage forms, rating plans, and organizational structures. Whether or not your organization focuses on commercial lines, personal lines, benefits, or a combination of things, the big issue is always how well the firm’s resources are managed. The better managed an organization is, the more successful it will be. The Agency Management Institute is designed to be relevant to the broad range of industry professionals who attend. Each subject is presented in a way that agency owners, producers, account executives, customer service representatives, and insurance company personnel see the value and how it relates to their position within the organization.

Participants will:

  • Discuss the types of agency organizational structures, the importance of licensing, and the role of state and federal regulation. This will include understanding the agency contractual relationship with the Insurance Company and how to create the best possible relationship.
  • Understand the financial aspects of an agency and how financial performance affects both clients and agency employees. The basics of Cash Flow, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and the importance of effective collection procedures are included.
  • Learn the fundamentals of agency planning, including questions to consider and how to conduct the proper agency analysis. Participants will understand the benefits of succession planning and the methods they can use to perpetuate the agency organization as a successful viable entity.
  • Understand the process of managing personnel, including legal guidelines, establishing job descriptions, interviewing techniques, performance appraisals/evaluations, and termination procedures and be able to apply what they have learned.
  • Learn what motivates ethical behavior and examine the leading causes of errors and omissions claims made against agents, and the control methods to implement to reduce or prevent risk.

Who should attend?

The institutes and examinations are based on the premise that the student has a solid foundation of the subject matter before attending the institute.

This program is designed for:

  • Agency owners
  • Agency producers
  • Experienced agency staff
  • Advanced customer service representatives
  • Company underwriters
  • Company branch managers
  • Experienced company personnel

Any one of the following qualifications makes you eligible to attend CIC institutes:

  • Be a licensed agent, broker, adjuster, or solicitor; or
  • Have at least two years of full-time experience in the insurance industry or as a risk management practitioner; or
  • Have served as a full-time insurance faculty member at an accredited college or university.

A national designation program developed by the National Alliance

CIC: THE Insurance Professional's Designation

This is the proof. A CIC is recognized throughout the industry as a true professional, as someone who has achieved. The CIC designation means you have the knowledge, personal dedication, and expertise to succeed in an ever-changing, demanding profession.

Attn. NJ CIC & CISR designees:

According to the NJ DOBI, producers who maintain & fulfill the CE requirements for a professional insurance designation approved by the DOBI (CIC, CISR), shall be awarded 12 credit hours for each full year of the two years preceding renewal for which these requirements were fulfilled. Application to obtain such approval shall be made by using the CE1A form. Therefore, CICs and CISRs updating/maintaining their designations AUTOMATICALLY comply with the DOBI’s CE requirements (24 credits that include the 3 credits in ethics). If you have questions, go to the NJ DOBI's site, here.

CE credit:

Learn more about CE credit by visiting the National Alliance's online CE guide.

CIC programs (excluding Rubles) are approved for continuing education credits in all states. Continuing Education Credits and Registration Fee for this CIC program are indicated in the registration box above. Please note, all participants must present photo identification to the registrar when checking-in at the program location.

Student Feedback

CIC Institute participants are encouraged to contact the Glenmont National Alliance Committee with recommendations, comments and concerns about the programs.

About the CIC designation:

Geared to experienced insurance producers and company personnel, CIC is a nationally recognized designation program approved for continuing education credits in all states. CIC is one of the most highly recognized professional education designation programs in the insurance industry! The program provides a comprehensive continuing education program to individuals who have made a career commitment to insurance.

To earn the CIC designation, you must complete five CIC institutes and pass a comprehensive essay exam at the end of each course. You may complete the institutes in any order and need not attain a passing grade on the exam before continuing on to the next institute. You have five calendar years from the time you pass the first exam to complete the program.

Once you have earned the CIC designation, an anual update is required. A James K. Ruble Graduate Seminar is one of several options from which to choose.

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^FF - This course has been approved for E&O loss prevention credit by Fireman's Fund.
^UM - This course has been approved for E&O loss prevention credit by Utica Mutual. Call the PIA E&O Department for details: (800) 424-4244.