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New license
I just passed the Connecticut licensing exam. Can I start selling insurance now?...


Agency appointments
Could PIACT research the relationship of subproducers to wholesalers and whether subproducers need to get agency appointments?...


Getting expiration dates
What are the rules in Connecticut regarding the licensing of telemarketers? If we employ someone who only solicits expiration dates, does that......


Acting as a consultant
I currently am licensed as a property/casualty producer. Someone has asked me to act as a consultant, on a one-time basis, to review his......


Reinstatement of insurance license
Does the Connecticut Insurance Department have a procedure by which they reinstate a revoked insurance producer license?...


Credit and travel authorities
I just got my Connecticut producer’s license renewal in the mail. It now states on the license “credit and travel.” What are......


Waiver of pre-licensing requirement
I currently hold an insurance designation and I am interested in obtaining a producer license. Will I have to take the pre-licensing education......


Nonresident producer moving to Connecticut
Can a producer with a nonresident license who moves to Connecticut transfer that license to a resident license? Does a producer with a nonresident......


Working from overseas
I have an employee who may want to move to Holland this summer and continue to maintain and work his book of business from overseas. Could you......


Connecticut continuing education carryover
I ended up earning more continuing-education credits this licensing period than I needed. Can I carry over the extra into the next two-year......


Background checks
We have a company asking us to sign an authorization to do a criminal background check. The company says it is required by law to do them.......


Florida licensing requirements
I plan on moving to Florida but would like to stay active selling insurance. What do I need to do to become licensed there?...


Licensing exemptions when writing a multistate risk
Do I need to be licensed in every state where one of my commercial clients has a location? I am licensed and write the policy where the company......


National Insurance Producer Registry—license renewal
I’m an agency owner and listed as the responsible producer for my agency, and hold a valid property/casualty license. Why won’t the......


Soliciting door to door
I understood that my agent/broker/producer license gives me the authority to sell, negotiate and solicit insurance across my entire state.......


Licensing for Canada
What steps must I take to become licensed to sell insurance in Canada?...


Nonresident licensing—Hawaii
I work for an agency that operates under a business-entity license. I have the opportunity to handle an account in Hawaii, and need to know if I......


Branch offices in various states
If I must give up my New York and New Jersey resident licenses, how can I have branch or home offices in the three [Florida] states?...


Florida nonresident—receiving commissions
We have a producer in our office who is licensed in Florida as a nonresident. One of this producer’s clients is asking our agency to write a......


Citizenship requirements for licensing
Can a non-citizen be an insurance agent?...


Nonresident license in Virginia
Do I need to have domicile in Virginia in order to do business there as a nonresident agency?...