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Cancellation / nonrenewal issues


Improper nonrenewal procedures
One of my companies sends out nonpayment cancellation notices before the premium is due, as part of its billings. This is very confusing to our......


Nonpayment—bad check, renewal
We have an auto insurance customer who paid his renewal premium with a check that bounced. When the company finally figured out the check had......


Nonrenewal and cancellation notices
What information must accompany nonrenewal and cancellation notices if the reason for the company action is losses?...


Cancellation of auditable policies
Can an auditable policy be canceled for nonpayment of the audit premium due on a prior year’s policy?...


Cancellation of a premium-financed policy in Connecticut
A premium-financed policy was canceled and the insurer imposed a short-rate penalty. We thought the insurer could not do that, if canceled by......


Permanent storm shutters
Is there a law prohibiting homeowners insurers from refusing to issue or renew a policy solely due to lack of permanent storm shutters?...


Conditional renewal—increase in deductible
My insured’s policy was recently renewed, but with a new exclusion, an increase in the deductible, and lowered coverage. Can the company do......


Refusal to write based on applicant’s age
In Connecticut, an insurer which writes a homeowners or personal auto policy is refusing to write a personal umbrella policy on the basis of the......


Advancing premium
I did a friend a favor by advancing the annual renewal premium on his homeowners policy. It’s been two months. He hasn’t repaid me and......


Special conditional renewal notice—premium increases
What is the premium increase that triggers a special conditional renewal notice or any special obligations of the agent?...


Which agent should sign the ACORD 35
When a client decides to change from one policy to another—firing the old agent and hiring a new agent—which agent should complete the......


Cancellation at policyholder’s request—effective date
Is a company required to cancel flat when the policyholder presents evidence that another policy was obtained for the same risk, and became......


Back dating a policy
After two years of a policy being in force, can an insured request to back date cancellation two years. The insured has stated he has a duplicate......


Nonpayment cancellation gap prevention
How does the effective time for nonpayment cancellation affect a policyholder who intends to make the payment on the cancellation date?...