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Commercial lines


Additional insured vs. additional named insured
Could you please clarify the difference between an additional insured and an additional named insured?...


Business interruption payroll coverage
Under the Business Income Coverage form, how do we help a client decide between insuring ordinary payroll vs. just that of key employees?...


Business interruption—’leader’ location
Have you ever heard of a coverage called “leader”? An adjuster suggested that our insured should have this....


Floor plan coverage
What can you tell me about “floor plan” insurance?...


Completed operations
If a general contractor’s contract with a subcontractor contains a hold-harmless agreement that includes “any and all claims”......


Bankrupt client
We’d like to know what the insured’s obligation is to the insurance company for premiums if the insured goes through Chapter 11......


Power-surge exclusion
A gas station with a package policy sustained a loss when a power surge shorted their computer equipment. It turned out that a tree limb on the......


First-named insured pays
Suppose that more than one company under common ownership was insured under a commercial package policy and the company that was listed as the......


Umbrella drop-down provisions
We have an insured with an umbrella policy for $4 million in coverage, over a $1 million primary policy. If the carrier providing the underlying......


Deleting an additional insured
What would be the guidelines for deleting an additional insured from the policy?...


Completed operations liability
Could you please clarify the relationship between contractual liability and the additional insured endorsement with regard to completed operations......


Business interruption from power outage
Because of the storm, my client is without power and will be unable to operate his business until it is restored. Will the Business Income......