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Acceptance of claims check
Our insured’s car was hit when another driver ran a stop sign. The police report and a witness’ statement confirmed this, although the......


Reservation of rights
Could you please give some insight as to how to respond to and protect our insureds when a carrier sends a reservation of rights letter on a claim?...


Negotiated claims settlement
My client was involved in an automobile accident that was the complete fault of the other party. He has received a letter from the adjuster of the......


Backing into a garage door
While backing up, I ran into the garage door we just installed. Do I submit the claim to our auto or homeowners insurance carrier?...


Denial of homeowners claim for lack of building permits
Could an insurer deny a homeowners policy claim for damage caused by a condition in improvements made to the home for which the homeowner......


Umbrella policy—notice of claim requirements
My client had someone get injured on his property that initially resulted in a $1,500 reserve being placed on his commercial general liability......