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Cancellation / nonrenewal issues


Improper notice of cancellation
Suppose one of your insureds walks into your office with a note of cancellation of their policy of automobile insurance that is blatantly......


Which agent should sign the ACORD 35
When a client decides to change from one policy to another—firing the old agent and hiring a new agent—which agent should complete the......


Cancellation at policyholder’s request—effective date
Is a company required to cancel flat when the policyholder presents evidence that another policy was obtained for the same risk, and became......


Back dating a policy
After two years of a policy being in force, can an insured request to back date cancellation two years. The insured has stated he has a duplicate......


Nonpayment cancellation gap prevention
How does the effective time for nonpayment cancellation affect a policyholder who intends to make the payment on the cancellation date?...