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COBRA basics
Which employers are subject to COBRA rules? How long does COBRA entitlement last?...


ERISA pre-emption
We are trying to help a client with a health claim. The family is insured under a self-insured health trust based in Pennsylvania, even though......


HIPAA ’eligible individual’ rule
One of our insureds has a New Jersey individual health insurance policy. He has a pre-existing condition. He is considering moving to another......


Health-care exchanges—broker compensation
Can brokers sell through a health-care exchange? Can they be compensated?...


Producer health exchange certification
What can you tell me about the interplay between being certified to sell through an exchange, being licensed as a health producer and receiving......


Small business health-care tax-credit eligibility
In order to determine if you qualify for the small business health-care tax credit, you will need to answer a few simple questions: Do you......


ACA employee tax notices
I have a client who has 75 employees. What type of tax information does my client have to provide to employees to comply with the requirements of......


Health insurance premium rebates
We received a rebate from our health insurance company because they did not meet the 80/20 rule under the federal Affordable Care Act. What can I,......


Medicare Advantage certification
I would like to stop writing new Medicare Advantage (Part C) business, but I would like to keep all my renewals. Do I have to maintain my......