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Privacy issues


Disclosing former client’s information
A former client left my agency, and owes money on direct-billed policies. The insurer has retained a collection firm. The firm has contacted me......


Disposal of client files
What would be the best way to dispose of client files when they contain private information such as Social Security numbers or federal I.D.......


Access to customer information maintained by company
Some companies provide access to policyholder information such as declaration pages to their producers through their website. When the company......


Privacy notices—insurance agency responsibilities
The insurer sends out privacy notices to my clients. Should I, as an agency owner (producer, manager, compliance officer), send agency-specific......


Electronic privacy notices
Sending out the GLBA privacy notices is expensive and time consuming. Can I deliver the GLBA privacy notices by email?...


Employee theft of data
I’m looking for coverage information to properly provide insurance coverage for an insured whose employee “steals” the identity......


Privacy—auto claim involving Medicare insured
Recently, one of our insureds was in an accident and, in the course of processing her claim, the insurance company required the insured’s......


Sharing with a consultant
I have a client who has retained an insurance consultant. The insurance consultant has, in the past, wanted to see copies of the policies, but is......