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Workers’ compensation


Employee vs. independent contractor
A condo association hired a property manager to manage the association, the manager hired a landscaper to work on the premises. If the......


Stopgap insurance
Could you explain “stopgap” insurance? How is it provided?...


Workers’ compensation—Florida domestic employees
We’re not sure where to turn to obtain workers’ compensation for a domestic employee who will be coming into our clients’......


Covering workers’ compensation exposures in the Virgin Islands
We need to cover a possible workers’ compensation exposure in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Does St. Thomas require workers’......


Temporary work in Canada
Our client will be doing well drilling in Ontario, Canada. How do I cover the workers’ compensation exposure?...


Audit time frames
According to the company, the wrong rates were used to rate workers’ compensation coverage for a construction business back in 2018-19. In......


Florida traveling salesperson
Our insured is opening a Florida sales office. The salesperson will be based in Florida but traveling 50% of the time. Do you know if a Florida......


Class change upon audit
Can a carrier add a new class to a workers’ compensation policy upon audit?...


Workers’ compensation fines
Can members of a limited liability company or officers of a corporation be held personally responsible for workers’ compensation fines when......


Foreign exposures
For clients who have employees traveling outside of the U.S., at what point does coverage cease (i.e., Canada, Mexico, Israel, or England)? Is......


Form 154 requirements for out-of-state businesses when operating in Massachusetts
What workers’ compensation insurance requirement applies to a business domiciled in another state, but operating in Massachusetts?...


Occupational Safety and Health Administration—COVID-19  
Are COVID-19 illnesses recordable to OSHA?...