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Commercial auto


Symbols: your key to what’s covered
Under the Business Auto Policy, could you discuss the difference between using Symbol 1, as compared to Symbols 7, 8, and 9, to indicate whether......


Symbol 1—named insured
My client owns a vehicle scheduled on a personal auto policy. He also has a business auto policy naming him as an individual with covered autos......


Drive-other-car coverage
My insured submitted a claim on a commercial automobile policy. The insured doesn’t have a personal automobile policy, because their four......


Temporary substitutes
My client has a furnished auto and does not have a personal auto policy. Will the business auto policy cover a temporary substitute auto, if needed?...


Stated amount
An antique auto insured under a business auto policy was stolen. The amount the insurer offered was less than the stated value. Is this correct?...


Primary or excess?
An employee of our commercial auto policyholder had an accident in his personal vehicle. Our policyholder has two policies through two different......


Coverage for valet parking
I was wondering what coverage issues arise when I permit a valet-parking attendant to drive my vehicle. If there is an accident, how will my......


Commercial auto—suspension of coverage
When using ISO form CA 02 40—Suspension of Coverage, will an additional premium be issued once the suspension period is over? Would the......


Borrowed motorcycle
On a commercial auto policy, if a customer borrows a motorcycle that is owned by a corporation (named insured) and is involved in an......


Hired and non-owned vs. drive-other-car coverage
Does drive-other-car coverage typically cover “hired and non-owned”-type vehicles? If I am a company employee, with a corporate......


BAP coverage for trailer owned by corporate officer
Our corporate client wants to pull an officer-owned trailer having a load capacity of less than 3,000 pounds behind a corporate-owned......


Vehicle liability for individual co-signer on a business lease
I have a commercial insurance client who recently co-leased a vehicle in both the name of his company and an individual who does not have......


Loss of use
A client purchases an ISO Business Auto Policy with physical damage coverage. How would you describe its provisions for the loss-of-use coverage?...


Garage employee’s use of owner’s commercial vehicle
My client has a fleet of commercial vehicles. The garage where the owner gets these vehicles repaired/maintained comes to the owner’s place......


Corporate-owned vehicle
Can a corporate-owned auto (or LLC-owned auto) be insured under a personal auto policy or must it be insured under a business auto policy?...


Commercial auto—care, custody, and control
Our insured has a fleet of vehicles, one of which is the owner’s truck. In the evening it is driven home and parked in the driveway. The......


Incorrect lessor named
I quoted a commercial automobile policy for someone using a copy of the prior policy. The lessor for a scheduled vehicle was not the current one,......


Ownership of scheduled commercial vehicle
My client is a sole proprietor who uses a commercial vehicle in his business. His wife owns the vehicle. Is there any coverage issue when the......


Federal electronic-driving device rule for truckers
Our clients are talking about a new electronic-driving device rule for motor carriers. Can you give us some information on this?...


Trucker’s general liability
What does a trucker’s general liability policy cover when not operating vehicles covered on the motor carrier policy?...