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Commercial property


Building ordinance coverage
Under the ISO Building and Personal Property Coverage Form and the Ordinance or Law Coverage endorsement, does the Increased Cost of Construction......


Post-loss waiver of subrogation
We have a client who is a tenant insured on an ISO Commercial General Liability Policy. The tenant’s lamp started a fire that caused......


Waiving your rights
When the ISO Commercial Property Policy speaks of waiving “your rights,” doesn’t it ultimately mean a waiver of the......


Debris removal
We need your interpretation of an ISO Commercial Property Insurance form (CP 00 10) with respect to the limits provided for debris removal. We......


Burst pipe
We have a claims dispute over a commercial property loss. The building owner submitted a claim for an incident in which a pipe burst underground,......


Liberalization clause
If a carrier adopts a change to a commercial property policy that broadens coverage, when does the change affect in-force policies?...


Lightning damage
Lightning hit an electric line leading to an air-conditioning unit on the roof of a building. The unit was damaged. The company claims Exclusion......


Perishable stock—spoilage coverage endorsement
We have a pet shop insuring its property with the Cause of Loss—Special Form perils. Suppose a power or equipment failure causes $10,000......


Functional valuation
At an E&O seminar I attended, the instructor mentioned the “functional replacement cost” endorsement. Could you explain the use of......


Medical equipment—inland marine or commercial property form?
My client leases space but owns and operates a large medical-imaging machine, valued at about $900,000, which is installed at his leased premises.......


Goods held for delivery
We insure a manufacturer under an ISO Building And Personal Property Coverage Form. The manufacturer invoiced his customer on March 31 for......


Liquidated damage agreement; commercial property waiver of subrogation
I just ran into a new term. Could you tell me what a “liquidated damage clause” is? This involves an alarm company contract. The alarm......


Glass coverage
The commercial property form now includes building glass coverage. Is there a deductible and a per-pane limitation in the form? How is tenant......


Ordinance or law coverage for improvements and betterments
I place coverage for many clients that pay a considerable amount of money to make improvements in the buildings they lease in order to accommodate......


Permanent fixture
We recently received a denial on a commercial property claim for wind damage to a gate, which is permanently mounted on an enclosure attached to......


Improvements and betterments
Does the definition of “your business personal property” in the ISO CP 00 10 form include coverage for fire damage to the following......


Governmental action exclusion
We have had a claim denied where our insured owns a commercial property. The central alarm system alerted the local volunteer fire department to......


Scheduled buildings on commercial blanket property policy
Would an insured with a commercial blanket property policy have to list all of their buildings on their insured location?...


Water damage from off-premises sewer
A sewer cracked in front of our insured’s building (underground in the street). The town is calling it an abandoned storm sewer. The cracked......


Additional coverage to recover tax credit
My commercial client obtains a 20 percent Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit in recognition of the cost associated with rehabilitating historic......


Tenant with cannabis business
I have a landlord client who is not in the cannabis business, but his tenant may have an exposure with cannabis products. Given that most policies......