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Service fees


Service fees for life business
Can a licensed producer charge a service fee on life insurance policies?...


Surplus-lines policies—fees
If a surplus-lines broker charges the retail broker $25 to place a homeowners policy, can the retail broker pass along this charge to the......


Insured’s refusal to pay for MVR
Service fee regulation N.J.A.C. 11:17B requires that a producer who wants to charge a personal auto applicant for the costs of obtaining a motor......


PAIP policies
If a PAIP policy is canceled for nonpayment and we must re-apply, can we charge a second service fee for the second application?...


Service fees for MVRs—commercial lines 
Can agents charge a fee to recover the costs of obtaining motor vehicle reports used to underwrite commercial policies?...


Brokerage contracts and charging fees
Our agency has entered into a broker contract with an insurance company to sell personal-lines policies. Throughout the contract, we are......


Acceptance of credit cards
A number of my clients pay me with credit cards and the merchant fees can get pretty expensive. Can I just go ahead and pass these fees on to......


Surety bond fees
Are surety bonds a commercial-lines product, for which a fee can be charged?...


Fee for a SAIP policy
Can I charge a service fee for placing a SAIP policy?...


Service fees—personal auto insurance
What are the rules about producers charging service fees in connection with personal auto insurance policies?...