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Auto no-fault


Livery (taxi, limo, bus, etc.) passengers
If there are individuals traveling as passengers in a church bus, taxi or limo, and they are injured in a car accident, who would pay for their......


Mileage benefits run out
Our client was injured in an automobile accident and has been collecting under his Personal Injury Protection coverage. He has been receiving......


PIP deductible
Is the $200 Personal Injury Protection deductible applied per person in the car? If so, who pays for the passengers’ deductibles? Are the......


Which state’s PIP applies?
What determines the state the benefits will apply to? For example, if we have an insured that is in New Jersey that has an officer with a company......


Garaging location implications
We have an individual who lives in New York (works and drives a company car that is registered in New Jersey but is garaged in New York) and does......


PIP coverage for drunk/drugged pedestrian
We have been made aware of a claim against one of our insureds, where a pedestrian who tested positive for drug use walked out into the path of a......


Slip-and-fall or no-fault?
We have an insured who slipped and fell on the ice in a hotel parking lot. He submitted a claim to the hotel and sent all his doctor bills, etc.,......


Motorcycle PIP
Our agency has noticed that some motorcycle policyholders who come to our office for an insurance quote have OBEL coverage on their current......


PIP coverage for school-bus passengers
If a child is injured in a vehicle used to transport school children, and the vehicle has a seating capacity of less than 15 passengers, which......


Pennsylvania no-fault
The Pennsylvania PIP benefits appear to be very similar to New York where the PIP benefits follow the car. Please confirm....