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Agency management


Mailing of legal documents
I sometimes have to send time-sensitive insurance documents and prove that the recipient read them. Legally, what is my best option?...


Consent for electronic delivery of policy
Must an insurer that implements an online insurance policy delivery system obtain the consent of each insured before it can place the......


Brokers’ care and diligence to client
Does an insurance broker that has a professional relationship with a policyholder, and that is aware of that policyholder’s need for......


Scanned documents
Are scanned documents admissible in court?...


Interns under the FLSA
Are interns treated as employees under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and, therefore, subject to the minimum wage and overtime rules?...


Making changes to an application based on oral conversation
Can an insurance producer make an additional change to an application, which has already been signed by the insured, with their verbal consent and......


Employer liability for misrepresentations in hiring
We read about an agency which hired two new members to its management team and told both of them separately, “When the current vice......


Marketing text messages
Do I need permission to send marketing text messages?...