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Newborn coverage
We have noticed that our health insurance companies have various procedures when it comes to covering newborns. Some require the insured to......


New York health insurance continuation
Is New York’s health insurance continuation law the same as COBRA?...


Notice of group health plan termination
What notice is an employer required to give to employees, when it terminates its employees’ group health plan?...


Minimum notice of cancellation or nonrenewal—group health policies
How much notice must be given to nonrenew or cancel a group health insurance policy in New York state?...


Sharing commission on exchange business
I’m a property/casualty broker who takes care of my clients’ health insurance needs by brokering that business through another person......


COBRA basics
Which employers are subject to COBRA rules? How long does COBRA entitlement last?...


ERISA pre-emption
We are trying to help a client with a health claim. The family is insured under a self-insured health trust based in Pennsylvania, even though......


HIPAA ’eligible individual’ rule
One of our insureds has a New Jersey individual health insurance policy. He has a pre-existing condition. He is considering moving to another......


Health-care exchanges—broker compensation
Can brokers sell through a health-care exchange? Can they be compensated?...


Producer health exchange certification
What can you tell me about the interplay between being certified to sell through an exchange, being licensed as a health producer and receiving......


Small business health-care tax-credit eligibility
In order to determine if you qualify for the small business health-care tax credit, you will need to answer a few simple questions: Do you......


ACA employee tax notices
I have a client who has 75 employees. What type of tax information does my client have to provide to employees to comply with the requirements of......


Health insurance premium rebates
We received a rebate from our health insurance company because they did not meet the 80/20 rule under the federal Affordable Care Act. What can I,......


Medicare Advantage certification
I would like to stop writing new Medicare Advantage (Part C) business, but I would like to keep all my renewals. Do I have to maintain my......