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Floods and business interruption
Would a flood trigger business interruption coverage?...


NFIP sewer backup
How can we get better coverage for sewer backup? Is it covered under the flood policy?...


Producer opportunity to improve flood rates
What is the National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System?...


WYO flood carriers
What is the difference between the Write-Your-Own flood program and that offered by the National Flood Insurance Program?...


Flood coverage for commercial property
Is federal flood coverage available for commercial property?...


Flood-damaged personal auto
My client’s car was damaged in a hurricane. Specifically, it was caught in a flood and was inundated with water. What should the client......


FEMA proof-of-loss submission
My client has just experienced a loss due to a flood. Is there a time constraint when they must notify the carrier of their loss?...


Water backup from off-premise drains and pipes
What is the difference in coverage if water backs up through a drain or sewer due to heavy rainfall, such as a hurricane, and water that backs up......


FEMA—additional living expenses
Q. One of our insureds has a homeowners policy and a flood policy and suffered a total loss. Since the loss is considered seepage, the carrier is......


Flood coverage for basement property
Under the National Flood Insurance Program flood policy, what items are covered in the basement of the dwelling?...


Flood coverage for the outside perimeter walls of a commercial building
With regard to commercial flood insurance, would there be coverage for property to include finished basements, decks or walkways outside the......


Increased Cost of Compliance coverage
What happens in the event a building sustains substantial damage from a flood, and the inhabitants are required to meet certain building......


Storm damage to seawall
Will the National Flood Insurance Program flood policy cover storm damage to a seawall or an attached outside patio?...


Loss of use—flood
Our policyholder must rent a hotel room due to the flooding of their home. How is this expense covered?...


FEMA’s HO declination requirement for disaster assistance
My homeowners clients who have suffered only flood damage are being required to get a declination of coverage from their homeowners insurer in......


Flood claim denial
I am being told by my insureds that the flood adjusters are denying their claims for coverage because there are misclassifications on their......


Flood policy—debris removal
We have an insured that after a recent storm, found a lot of debris on their property—including a boat! Will the flood policy cover the......


Flood coverage for contents in an uninsured building
I have a question on a flood insurance policy regarding personal property. My insured has two buildings on his property—a main house and a......


Mold and the NFIP policy
Is mold covered by my National Flood Insurance Program policy?...


Grace period for flood policy
My client’s flood policy is expiring soon. Is there a grace period in which he has to pay the renewal or is it due on the effective date?...


Concurrent causation claims from a storm
I don’t really understand the impact of the anti-concurrent causation exclusion in the ISO Homeowners Policy. Does this mean wind damage is......


Flood water and the NFIP policy
Recently, I have been getting a lot of differing information on the National Flood Insurance Program flood policies. I heard that the NFIP policy......


Flood—reduction of coverage limits or reformation
I received a notice that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is changing the coverage amount on my insured’s flood policy. The......


Obtaining elevation certificates
My mortgage company requires that I have flood insurance and I’m being told I now need an elevation certificate. How do I go about getting......


Flood insurance provisional rating (changes in Risk Rating 2.0)
What is provisional rating as it relates to flood insurance?...


Coinsurance on flood policy
Is coinsurance a factor in determining a loss payout on a flood policy?...


Recurring flood losses
When a property has experienced re-occurring flood losses and then that property is sold, does the re-occurring loss get reset?...