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Certified Professional Insurance Agent national designation program

The American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society's Certified Professional Insurance Agent designation is first-of-its kind, hands-on, how-to training. The Insurance Success Seminars are designed to enhance the ability of producers, sales support staff and company personnel to efficiently create and distribute comprehensive insurance programs. Participants leave with ideas that will produce results immediately.

The workshops are engaging right from the start. You will work with fellow insurance professionals and learn by actually working on real-life issues. Together, you'll create practical solutions that you can implement as soon as you get back to your office. And because you learn by doing, not by just listening, you'll remember - and be able to use - much more of what is covered in class.

The three parts of the CPIA designation will teach you how to build and deliver effective insurance programs, broaden your organization's market reach and deliver customer service that drives increased retention. You will leave with expanded technical knowledge, practical ways to reduce E&O exposures and a greater confidence in your ability to serve today's customers with what they want and more.

Other insurance professionals have described this program as "practical", "motivating" and "immediately useful". We think you will agree!

CPIA program practical benefits:

  • CE approved;
  • Beneficial for ALL insurance personnel;
  • Register for one, two, or all three programs—no exam to take;
  • Learn how to work effectively with different personality types;
  • Learn how to properly analyze customers' needs;
  • Get tips for preventing errors and omissions: The CPIA designation is approved by Utica National Insurance for E&O loss prevention credit. This credit is applied once the designation is achieved. Please call PIA's E&O department for details.
  • Earn CE credits. Each course is worth 7 CE credits (see below).

Students are encouraged to complete the sessions in consecutive order, but it is not mandatory to do so. See the AIMs Society's FAQ for more information.

The CPIA E&O designation is approved for E&O loss prevention credit by Utica Mutual. Contact PIA’s E&O department for details.

Utica E&O

CPIA Courses

Advanced Commercial Lines Risk Analysis for E&O Loss Prevention
N.Y. 7 all licenses; N.J. 7 GEN; Conn. 5 PC, 2 LRE

This one-day seminar will combine two distinct topics to enhance the professionalism and sales excellence of today's commercial lines producers and customer service personnel:

Position for Success (CPIA 1)
N.Y. 7 all licenses; N.J. 7 GEN; Conn. 5 PC, 2 LRE

During this program, participants are encouraged to focus on internal and external factors affecting the development of effective business development plans. Factors discussed include a review of the state of the insurance marketplace; analysis of competitive pressures; necessary insurance carrier underwriting criteria; and consumer expectations and understanding. Throughout each section of the workshop material, tips for preventing errors and omissions are highlighted and discussed.

Implement for Success (CPIA 2)
N.Y. 7 all licenses; N.J. 7 GEN; Conn. 5 PC, 2 LH

During this session, participants will be provided with specific tools for analyzing consumer needs; will learn to utilize risk identification techniques to gather pertinent prospect information; will develop skills necessary to assimilate information gathered into a customized protection program; and will participate in exercises designed to promote effective delivery of proven solutions. Throughout each section of the workshop material, tips for preventing errors and omissions are highlighted and discussed.

Sustain Success (CPIA 3)
N.Y. 7 all licenses; N.J. 7 GEN; Conn. 6 PC, 1 LRE

This program focuses on fulfilling the implied promises contained in the insuring agreement. Students will review methods of providing evidence of insurance coverage; will discuss policies and procedures for controlling errors and omissions including policy review and delivery, endorsements, claims-processing, and handling of client complaints. This course includes a review of professional expectations; the law of agency; and legal and ethical standards. Throughout each section of the workshop material, tips for preventing errors and omissions are highlighted and discussed.

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AIMS Society CE provider numbers:

N.Y. NYPO-100359
N.J. 10340
Conn. 11830