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PIANY PIANJ Annual Conference


Featured Instructors:

Catherine Trischan has worked in the insurance industry for more than 30 years, and she provides education and consulting services to other agents, brokers and insurance companies. Those experiences have given her a deep level of dedication and a strong working relationship with her associates in the industry.

John Fear has worked in the independent agency profession for more than 20 years in a variety of roles and business areas. He works with companies, associations and individual agencies in the areas of agency operations, process improvement and sales proficiency to provide outstanding service for their clients.

Sunday, June 12

1-4 p.m.

Delving into the Weeds of Cannabis Insurance

Panel Discussion
Approved for 3 NY CE credits. Applicable to BR, C3, PA & PC licenses. (NYCR-273186)
Approved for 2 GEN NJ CE credits.(88904762)

Approved for 3 GEN PA CE credits.(134277)
Sponsored by: Jencap Group


Barbara Winsky, CPCU, AIS, ASLI, ARM, ARe, CRIS, CIW
Vice President of Technical Training & Development, Jencap Group | Westfield, Mass.


Karen Adamsbaum, CIC
The John Morgan McLachlan Agency Inc. | Somerville, N.J.

Keith Distel, MBA
Team Leader, Underwriting Admiral Insurance Group | Chicago, Ill.

Erich Schutz,
Broker, Jencap Specialty Insurance Services | Mendon, Mass.

A panel will discuss cannabis operations from “seed to sale” and the associated insurance coverages needed for this growing industry. This education session will cover the cannabis industry’s history and key definitions. It will review the form verbiage, and underwriting risk requirements that are unique to the cannabis industry. Those who attend will learn about the state versus federal regulations and the status of recreational cannabis in the U.S.—specifically in the Northeast. Case studies will be used to illustrate vault requirements and claim scenarios.

Monday, June 13

8-10 a.m.

Wild Weather, Wind, Water and Warming = Disasters

John Fear, CPIA, CISR
Approved for 2 NY CE credits. Applicable to PC, BR, C3 & PA licenses. (NYCR-272874)
Approved for 2 PA CE credits. (133993–GEN)
Approved for 2 NJ CE credits. (88904698–GEN)

Sponsored by: First Onsite

It seems like—every time we turn on the news—there’s another weather- or climate-related disaster that costs a large sum of money. In fact, 20 separate billion-plus dollar events happened in 2021 (e.g., wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, heat waves, flooding). And, in addition to the insurance industry, all these events affect other industries. For example, when farmers are affected by weather or lack of water there are food shortages, price increases and an increase of crop insurance claims—which can all lead to an increase in premium prices and underwriting issues. During this education session, Fear will review some major U.S. claims related to weather and their insurance coverages. He also will address the coverages available for earthquakes and tsunamis. And, expanding the discussion beyond the traditional disasters, he will look at the coverage options for asteroids, space junk, solar storms and nuclear disasters.

8-11 a.m.

Certificates of Insurance–Do’s, Don’ts & When to Say No!

Approved for 3 NJ CE credits. (88904373–GEN)
Approved for 3 NY CE credits. Applicable to PC, BR, C3 & PA licenses. (NYCR-272876)
Approved for 3 PA CE credits. (133990–GEN)

Sponsored by: Brooks Insurance Agency

Certificates of insurance cause many problems for insurance agents trying to help commercial clients. We will review the things to consider before issuing a certificate and discuss ways to avoid some of the common problems and errors. We will discuss some of the related coverage issues—including additional insured endorsements and contractual liability. Throughout, we will look at requests frequently made of agents and discuss why some of these needs can create problems.

3-5 p.m.

Working From Home–Coverage Issues to Consider

Approved for 2 NJ CE credits. (88904376–GEN)
Approved for 2 NY CE credits. Applicable to ALL licenses. (NYCR-272875)
Approved for 2 PA CE credits. (133994–GEN)

Sponsored by: Excess Line Association of New York

More people than ever are working remotely—whether exclusively or a few days a week. However, these arrangements can cause insurance problems for both the employer and employee. How do the employer’s property and liability coverages respond when something happens at the employee’s home? What happens when an employee is injured at home? Additionally, what are some of the cyber issues to consider? As for the employee, how will the homeowners policy respond if there is damage to property or a liability loss? And, what might be done to improve the coverage? This class will help you answer these questions for your agency and to help advise your clients.

3-5:50 p.m.

Proceed with Caution … Your Client Purchased a Condo

John Fear, CPIA, CISR
Approved for 3 NY CE credits. Applicable to PC, BR, C3 & PA licenses. (NYCR-272877)
Approved for 3 PA CE credits. (133992–GEN)
Approved for 3 NJ CE credits. (88904374–GEN)

Sponsored by: Seneca Insurance Co.

The Champlain South Condo collapse made national headlines, and it made people question if they had enough insurance coverage for their own property. Do you know the ins and outs of how to advise your clients who may have—or who are thinking of—purchasing a condominium? This course will review the newsworthy condo collapse and the potential causes that contributed to the loss. Additionally, the necessary coverages (e.g., property, general liability, umbrella, directors & officers); property valuations; ordinance and law coverage and the possible exclusions will be discussed.

Tuesday, June 14

10 a.m.-1 p.m.

E&O and the Future of the
Independent Agent

John Fear, CPIA, CISR
Approved for 3 NJ CE credits. (88904377–GEN)
Approved for 3 PA CE credits. (133991–GEN)
Approved for 3 NY CE credits. Applicable to BR, C1, C3, LA, LB, LSB, PA & PC licenses. (NYCR-272968)

Sponsored by: Utica National Insurance Group

With the advent of major retailers and product delivery services knocking at the door of the insurance industry, the future and relevance of the independent insurance agent continues to be challenged. The question is, what does the future for independent agents look like and how can they differentiate themselves as licensed risk managers in an environment that has become increasingly all about price. This course will look at the future of independent agents and how they can use the variety of tools available to them to uniquely identify themselves as a resource to protect client’s assets and businesses in an ever-changing marketplace.

^FF ^UN-This course has been approved for E&O loss-prevention credit by Fireman’s Fund and Utica National. Call the PIA E&O Department for details.